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There are three main topics I discuss on this website:


Photography has been a hobby of mine for the better part of a decade now and I want to share my experiences in that field with you. I feel strongly that a lot of knowledge can be gained quite painfully from spending a lot of time taking pictures that might as well be learned easily in text form. Obviously some lessons have to be learned the hard way and experience has to be built over time, but I hope to be able to shield you somehow from bad experiences and disappointments. To see some of my work, you can check out the category Photography and follow me on Instagram:


Most of what I have learned about programming, I have learned online. I have greatly profited from the unpaid labor of other programmers on stackoverflow and other sites. This has driven me to give something back to the people who have helped me or the next generation of programmers and enthusiasts. You will find more on this topic in the categories Programming and Tutorials. You can also follow me on Linkedin for updates:


I can almost say that there is no part of science I don’t find interesting. In some sense however I find the least and most complex the most interesting – this leads me to like math and physics on the low end and biology and medicine on the other extreme. This is not to say that math or physics are in any sense simple. What I try to express is that biology and medicine are sciences put on top of building blocks that in themselves hold immeasurably complex. A living cell is already too complex to understand completely whereas individual quarks or numbers or theorems etc. can be used (at least in an axiomatic sense) without vagueness. You will find posts on topics like disease spread or cancer on my blog.

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Last modified: January 22, 2020

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