Programming has been a hobby of mine since the first time I realized the fact that I could use a computer as a tool. In my mind, programming is the method of utilizing a computer as a means to solve problems.

I mainly work in the areas of High Performance Computing and Web Development and my articles on this website will reflect that fact. However, I feel that programming should not be learned without application to judge the quality of an implementation. Therefore, I will sometimes be restricted in my choice of topic or explanation thereof by the things I can easily wrap into a good example. Here are some of my latest posts:

How to combine C++, Cmake, Googletest, CircleCi, Docker, and WHY

Highlights, Programming, Tutorials

In this post, I want to set up a project with you. I will provide some config files and also offer...

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A coding setup for 2020

Highlights, Programming, Tutorials

Let me help you get rid of some slow processes and build a setup worth your time and money. There...

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What if it’s our fault?

Highlights, Programming

I recently published an article over at The Medium about the typical problems in communication...

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Last modified: January 22, 2020

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